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Video & Music Player › Play Audio & Video with media­element.js
Do you like music? Or are you a podcaster? Do you want to stream your videos in a nice player? Than you likely will like the integration of mediaelement.js. It enables you to play music and stream video in a consistent player that looks in each browser delicious. It even works in IE6-8. Read More ›

Reading Experience › Wonderful Typography
Feeling Responsive uses Volkhov for headlines, Lato for everything else and if you are in need to show some code, it will be in Lucida Console or Monaco. Read More ›

Discussion › Now with Comments!
For a blog you need comments. Like all those other jekyll themes we baked in Disqus. It's easy to set, it works and makes a static jekyll blog more dynamic. Read More ›

Headers With Style › No Header
Feeling Responsive allows you to use all kinds of headers. This example shows no header at all. Just the navigation. Read More ›

Headers With Style › No Header but Article Image
Feeling Responsive enables you to get the attention of visitors. If you don't want to use a big header, use an image for the article instead. Read More ›

Headers With Style › Header With Text
Feeling Responsive allows you to use all kinds of headers. This header is with text. Read More ›

Headers With Style › Header With Logo Only
Feeling Responsive allows you to use all kinds of headers. This is the default mode. It shows a header just with your logo on the standard background. Read More ›

Headers With Style › Header Image With Background Color
Feeling Responsive allows you to use all kinds of headers. This example shows a header image with a defined background color via front matter. Read More ›

Headers With Style › Header with a Full-Width-Image
Feeling Responsive allows you to use all kinds of headers. This example shows a header with a full-width-image. Read More ›

Headers With Style › Header Image With Pattern
Feeling Responsive allows you to use all kinds of headers. This example shows a header image in front of a pattern. Read More ›

Templates › Responsive Galleries with Foundation
Wanna create a responsive gallery to showcase your portfolio, recent photos or images? It's quite easy thanks to Foundation and Clearing Lightbox. Read More ›

Templates › Video Template
If you want to show videos in a large manner, the video template is the right choice. Read More ›

Multi-Device Layouts in Color › Grid & Colors
Create powerful multi-device layouts quickly and easily with the 12-column, nest-able Foundation grid. To optimize the size of your images, you find the correct dimensions beneath. Further below you find the colorscheme and colors used for Feeling Responsive and their color codes. Read More ›

Portfolio › Show your beautiful work!
With Feeling Responsive you don't need a special portfolio template. Just check out the great possibilities of the foundation grid and experiment with it. Read More ›

Multi-Device Layouts › The Full-Width Page Template
The full-width page format gives you all the space you need to show your content using the grid. Read More ›

Templates › Page/Post Right Sidebar
This is an example of page/post with a sidebar on the right. Read More ›

Templates › The Post/Page Template
The default template for posts and pages aligns the page beautifully in the middle. But you can customize posts/pages easily via switches in the front matter to get a sidebar and/or to turn off meta-information at the end of the page like categories, tags and dates. Read More ›

If you need them, Feeling Responsive offers you a breadcrumb navigation. You can easily turn it on/off via frontmatter. Read More ›

Templates › Page/Post With Left Sidebar
This is a example of page/post with a sidebar on the left. Read More ›

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Preparing a Project Gutenberg ebook for use on a 6" ereader
Some pictures of Carlton Gardens
Note to Self: Convert UTF-8 w/ BOM to ASCII (WIX + DB) using GNU uconv
Automata-Based Programming With Petri Nets - Part 1
Surreal Graham Norton Moment
South America? Innocent victims in the war on terror!
Less Intrusive Visitors
Sequential script loading on demand
Quantum Reasoners Hold Key to Future Web
Semantic Overflow Highlights I - the Web 2.0 Q&A site for all things Web 3.0.
Can AOP help fix bad architectures?
Fowler's Technical Debt Quadrant - Giving the co-ordinates where Agile is contraindicated.
PostSharp Laos - Beautiful AOP.
Weird Wired Clouds
Does this seem nice to you?
Quote of the Day - Chris Sells on Cocktail Parties
Australian Port – a new WMD?
Relational Modeling? Not as we know it!
Pattern Matching in C#
Object Orientation? Not as we know it.
New Resources for LinqToRdf
Not another mapping markup language!
What this blog is about
Semantic Development Environments
Wanted: Volunteers for .NET semantic web framework project
White Paper: Exploiting the RDF-based Linked Data Web using .NET via LINQ
Announcing LinqToRdf v0.8
State Machines in C# 3.0 using T4 Templates
LinqToRdf v0.7.1 and RdfMetal
Functional Programming - lessons from high-school arithmetic
BDALAP - Silver bullet for post-agile architect
Announcing LinqToRdf v0.7
Look at this pretty picture!
Søren on DBC
Announcing LinqToRdf v0.6
Announcing LinqToRdf v0.5
SPARQL Tutorial Just Published On DeveloperWorks
Functional Programming in C# - Higher-Order Functions
Darth Vader never had to put up with this!
Functional programming - Is it worth your time?
RIP Arnie Humour
First Forays into F#
Using Task Scheduler For GTD with OneNote 2007
C# by Contract - Using Expression Trees
Complex Assertions using C# 3.0
Setting up SDB on SQL Server 2005
The Ambient Context Design Pattern in .NET
An Introduction to LINQ at Victoria.NET Dev SIG Tonight!
Temporary logging in VS.NET 2008 using Tracepoints
The Origins of SOA
A Generic Class Factory for C# 3.0
IHttpModule not running after conversion to IIS 7 and .NET 3.5
Securing a WCF service with Certificates
Announcing LinqToRdf 0.3 and LinqToRdf Designer 0.3
Semantic Web Visual Designer for Visual Studio .NET
Silverlight HtmlElement wrappers
Lambda Functions for Design By Contract
Lambda Functions in Multi-threaded Development
Bush a Holocaust Denier?
LinqToRdf 0.2 Released
I am a Kinda Dorky Nerd God!!
Continue if not null operator? Yes please!
Page Rank 1 for LINQ
The Future of Search
Small Child Wreaks Havoc. Again.
LinqToRdf now works on the Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2
Big Business and the Semantic Web
Orcas Beta 2 Features - Split View
Orcas Beta 2 Features - Apply Style
Object Modeling is Vocabulary Design
Dynamic Strongly-Typed Configuration in C#
Using Mock Objects When Testing LINQ Code
Ubuntist deviant atones for sins
GroupJoins in LINQ
Wireless Power Transmission
Perils of Agile development - the outsourcee's perspective
Easily Bored?
Designing a LINQ Query Provider
LinqToRdf - Designing a Query Provider
LinqToRdf - Progress Update 2007-06-05
LinqToRdf - SPARQL Query Generation
Windows Live Writer Beta 2, VS Paste and Wordpress
People notice when you write crap code
Creating A LINQ Query Provider
Using RDF and C# to create an MP3 Manager - Part 3
Using RDF and C# to create an MP3 Manager - Part 2
An Ominous Blog Post
Corneliu caught a funnel-web, and persuaded it to do a photo shoot
Why I hate Windows Vista (and can’t wait to re-install XP)
Using RDF and C# to create an MP3 Manager - Part 1
Keeping up
Gorgeous Lightning Photograph
A simple semantic web application in C#
2000 Year Old Computer Recreated
Science Headlines of the Day
Zealots gain the upper hand
Is it really impossible to choose between LINQ and Stored Procedures?
Converting Jena to .NET
Are You Sublime or Ridiculous?
Domain Modeling and Ontology Engineering
Linguistic development
Do I say anything worthwhile in this blog? « Alec the Geek
The Greate Domain Model Debated - Continued.
Here is your enemy…
Singleton – the most overused pattern.
New Features in Visual Studio Orcas
C#, Domain Models & the Semantic Web
From KurzweilAI – First General Purpose Quantum Computer
A Cure for Cancer
PowerShell NOT inferior to Cygwin
IDEs are not a panacea, but neither are they all bad
Why open-source software development environments are crap
C# Automatic Properties: Semantic changes to help cope with poor syntax?
Agile – what happens if you don’t think ahead?
More on the Agile Debate
The Great Domain Model Debate – Solved!
I Hope Nathaniel Webster is Turning in his Grave
Nondeterministic Finite Automaton (NDFA) in C#
New LINQ Wiki Site Started
I Crossed the 200 Hits/Day Threshold! Yayyy!!!!
A compelling case for LINQ
Feverish Gibbering
You know you’re in another country when…
Google Space Imagery Coup – From KurzweilAI
Another Anti-Agile Gripe
How LINQ Works – Creating Queries
Dodgy theory of the week
Problems with Virtual Server on Vista tag cloud page –
[drool] Nanotube Muscle Fibres Create Superhuman Strength
Agile Programming Gripe
Let the Flame Wars Begin…
Polymorphism in C#/.NET Makes Code Incomprehensible
Dodgy Postmodernist Analysis
How would I spend my $100?
Automated parallelization of Sequential Systems
No indestructible Lucite Shipit Awards any More? to reincorporate: one for you Aggy
Tax on British Stupidity gets Hiked
Excellent Article on the Concepts behind C# 3.0
POTD - Australian Landscape
A Speculative Notation
Keeping a Developer's Lab Book
Do legislators have a performance related pay scheme, or what?
Self Modeling Robots
How LINQ Works - IQueryable
How LINQ Works – Where
Photosynth CTP now on display
LINQ & Reflection in C# 3.0
Emily Took her First Steps Yesterday
Using C# 3.0 For Reflection
Virtualization – Good or Bad?
I made it to page one!
C# puzzle of the day
Why type safety in configuration is a good thing
Intrusive Technology
Moderate drinking can improve memory
Policy and Configuration II
Cutting through the hype of SOA
New Blog Posting Tool: PostXING
Photo of the day – from Make magazine
AudioFiler – My Search is {over/just begun}*
Generic Algorithms in C#
WordPress Standards Compliant
Traumatizing the Kids
Wiki Royale with Cheese
WordPress Sabotage?
A chip off the old block
SharpReader is still the best
Formatting in Data Bound Controls
A Simple Interface to TimerCallback
Sorry to waste your time
The Indians are busy
Configuration considered harmful links not a good idea for a blog
links for 2006-05-09
links for 2006-05-07
links for 2006-05-06
links for 2006-05-05
links for 2006-04-23
links for 2006-04-12
Daft fortunism of the day
A new end/beginning
links for 2006-04-10
In case you wondered...
links for 2006-04-07
Somebody else who despises pencil-neck double-talk...
Policy and Configuration I
Gorgeous Work
Some new themes.
My favourite site today
Another Source of British Pride?
The Wandering Glitch is Moving
Derek's Picture of the day
My first Wikipedia article
I gotta git me some of this!
The Hidden War
Adding my microchunks to the collective attentionstream - about bubbles.
Electroconvulsive Therapy
Picture of the day
Post-modernist left-wing feminist lesbian analysis, step aside!
The LinkMe Xmas Do 2005
Quote of the day
France Elevates its Security Level - via Alan Williams
From Kurtzweil AI - Refocusable pictures
From Kurtzweil AI - Refocusable pictures
Fern Bud
Truly google whacked
An unfortunate hereditary affliction
A nocturnal visitor
I am a father - of two.
Arvo Part - Songs of Repentance
Books that I have loved.
Some beautiful images from Derek
Hillary Briss' "Special Stuff"?
Now here's something I'd trade in the Hyundai to own
Chick Peas?
The first sample
We got a new camera
Cord blood yields 'ethical' embryonic stem cells
My OPML file
Deeply disoriented - my Ray Kurzweil parody
First Light!!!!!!!!
Roman Page Mnemonic?
Flickr Photo Site
Kerry at 28wks
Dad looking cheerful
Yes I know what you're thinking...
The latest inspiring hard-AI quote from Kurzweil
Dr Chasuble's Patent Hair Elixir
Dbc in the persistence broker
DBC in use
Pimp yo blog up byaatch!
Flat-earth Society
Erik Werenskiold
I'm still coming to the aid of the unlucky (and cancerous)
Kerry at 24 weeks
little oberon bay 3
Truly abstracting a persistence mechanism
A sign of things to come...
The power of advertising
Kerry has a blog (or two)
Another reason I'm looking forward to Vista
Brain modeling - first steps
I am a charitable NGO and I didn't know - it.
And we're off
Meta-evolution - evolving the capacity to learn
First Task - What to do?
Why I'm looking forward to Longhorn
As the Buddha said...
Welcome to nORM
When a brill-o-pad goes bad...
I've done my civic duty for the year...
The big day has arrived
Here goes...
Programming Gem of the day
Kerry smells - or at least I hope so!!!
What's making me [drool] today?
And another thing...
Why is consciousness so hard to think about?
Are we entering a dark age, or are we already in it?
It's foggy in Melbourne today
Burn-out self-test
A moment of nostalgia
Fortunism of the day
grammatical ponderings
Calculation of the day
Picture/Blog of the day
Blissful Relief
Almost ready to go open source
May was a quiet month
The pinnacle of frustration
Well, here goes nothing II - Revenge of the brill-o pads
Free at last...
Well, here goes nothing...
Comment Spam
Interesting Stats
A gaping hole in my education - Dimensional Databases
Cyborg Upgrades
My nemesis has a web site
DBC & AOP don't mix
gracing my desktop today
Insight into the mind of a savant
My new favourite DJ - David Emonin
Rock n Roll
After two weeks of processing time
From a phone somewhere in Australia
An extension to the family seat
Just Plain Wrong!
gracing my desktop today
From KurtzweilAI: Augmenting the Animal Kingdom
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The low end of the bell curve
Dodgy poem of the day
Test Exploitation
The Darth Side: Blog of the day
A sign of things to come?
gracing my desktop today
Straw Poll
Now I know...
Gross quote of the day
Great GUI Design
Predicates and Expressions - Part 2
Predicates and Expressions - Part 1
More photographic family history
Behold - my firstborn (both of them)
Note to self
Deviation of the day - Power Hungry
Who should you vote for?
Quote of the day
Cowardly Manouver #1
Wikipedia's come a long way
An interesting proposition
Wish Me Luck
Jedi Wish List
Old Haiku
More old scribblings
A Jedi Fly-through
From Derek...
On God and other weird ideas
So much froth
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Mulder and Sculley
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No Content Found
No Content Found
No Content Found
No Content Found
No Content Found
No Content Found
No Content Found
No Content Found
No Content Found
Taki says...
Welcome to the latest Froth/Forth site/blog
Linguistic Development
Dig (in My Pictures) for Victory
Derek Unveiled
Buster at
New section of the DBC blog uploaded
Code Generation Patterns - Part 3
Lost Weekends?
First round results are in...
For the budding author...
CF and The Three
I saw a wombat...
I could tell you some stories
Contractual Contraction
Patently Absurd!
Code Generation Patterns - Part 2
A Nocturnal Visitor - Saturday
Not Exactly Whacked
Current Lyric
New Toy
Wanky statement of the day
The highlight of my week
Code Generation Patterns - Part 1
Joe Satriani
Homespun Wisdom
Which codegen technique?
What to expect from a DBC framework
Domain Analysis (kinda)
What I'm gonna cover
Welcome to my blog