RIP Arnie Humour

My blogging has been pretty sporadic of late. My evenings have been spent working on a long SPARQL tutorial for IBM. It’s just going through the last editorial reviews now (with the good folks at Backstop Media) and should be published in a day or two.


Bob and Troy at Backstop are great editors, and their suggestions have kept the tutorial focused and much easier to understand. But I just had to find somewhere to put this snippet that they’ve asked me to cut. I know it’s unrelated to the tutorial, but it made me laugh.

Arnie fans will know that, when presented with this question, it's wise to lie. Joseki is faithful to a fault. > > PREFIX u: <> > > > > ASK > > { > > ?x u:displayName "Sarah Connor". > > } > > > > Let's just hope that Joseki wasn't planning on spending the evening in with her boyfriend: `ASK => true`. > >

Let this be the last resting place of my daft attempts to make SPARQL funny. Tags: SPARQL,Arnie,tutorial,semantic web,humour,humor

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